15 FAQs About Making Money With Matched Betting

I started my matched betting journey just a little while ago now, and I’ve already shared exactly how I made over £400 in profit in my first month. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to supplement your income each month. If you’re over 18 and you live in the UK, you could get started as soon as today.

If you’re anything like I was though, you’ve got a lot of questions about how it all works, and what you need to know to get off to the best possible start. Here, I’m answering some of the biggest questions about making money with matched betting…

What exactly is matched betting?

Online bookies want to attract more punters to use their services, and one way in which they do that is by offering free bets. Matched betting is all about exploiting those offers to create a guaranteed, risk-free profit.

An example here would be that a bookies is offering a free £20 bet when you place a £20 bet. First of all, you need to complete what’s known as a ‘qualifying bet’, so you can unlock that free cash. You’d place one bet with the bookies, and another bet with a betting exchange, and the overall aim is that these bets cancel each other out.

You’ll lose up to £2, but that’s all part of the process. You’ve now unlocked your free bet. and you repeat the process by placing another bet at the bookies, and at the exchange. Once you’ve completed both steps, you’ll have made around £16 in profit.

There are tons of different offers to make your way through, and you can start making money almost instantly. Profit Accumulator tells you what to bet on to guarantee your earnings, and it also tells you how much to bet.

Is this not too good to be true?

That’s exactly what I thought when I first discovered matched betting. There are plenty of scams out there when it comes to making money online, and when I first read about the earning potential in gambling sites, I was pretty bloody sceptical to say the least.

I quickly discovered though that’s it’s legit, and it’s definitely not a scam. Like any online income stream, you need to invest some time into learning the ropes, but it’s by far the quickest and easiest way that I know to earn at least a couple of hundred pounds a month.

Is matched betting legal?

It’s completely legal. Essentially, all you’re doing is placing bets with online bookies. It just so happens that you have a strategy behind you so you can make guaranteed profits.

Is it gambling?

No. Matched betting is NOT gambling. When you gamble, you can win or lose and there’s an element of risk involved. With matched betting, you can lock in guaranteed profits without ever risking your own money.

How much can I earn each month from matched betting?

It all depends how much time you have available. In my first month of matched betting, I made over £400, and that involved dedicating just a few hours per week.

These are general timescales and earning expectations that Profit Accumulator suggest:

  • 15-30 minutes per day = £500 per month
  • 30-60 minutes per day = £1,000 per month
  • 1-2 hours per day = £2,000 per month

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Is it complicated to do?

I’ll be honest here… The first time I watched a tutorial video on Profit Accumulator, my head was battered. The whole process seemed massively complicated, and I wasn’t sure that I’d ever be able to work it out. I’ve got a friend who has a friend who does matched betting full time after being made redundant, and I text him to ask if this fella was some kind of genius. He replied saying ‘Ruth, he’s thick as shit’. Men, eh? So anyway, I persevered. I watched a few more times, I made some notes, I had a go at doing the calculations. And slowly but surely, things clicked into place.

Within a week or so, I completely understood how it worked, what I should be doing, and I was confident going ahead and placing my bets. Once it clicks, it really is simple and straightforward. The tutorials on Profit Accumulator are brilliant, and it’s just a case of following the steps.

How much time does it take?

One of my favourite things about matched betting is that you can do as much or as little as you like. The more time you have available, the higher your earning potential.

It fits in great around my various other online ventures, and I love that there’s no pressure. You’re only answering to yourself, and you can dip in and out depending on what else is going on in your life.

How much does matched betting cost?

You can sign up for Profit Accumulator for free, and that will give you access to your first two money-making offers, including full instructions so you know exactly what to do. By completing these, you’ll make up to £45.

You will need to use your own money to complete these offers – £60 is a good start – but do remember that it’s never at risk. It’s simply tied up for a day or two, and whatever the outcome is of the bet you’ve placed, you’ll make your profit. Having more money in your matched betting pot will allow you to move through the offers more quickly, but if cash is tight or you want to take your time, that’s fine. You’ll just sometimes find yourself having to wait a few days for your bets to settle before you move on to the next offer.

If you then want to progress and make more money, you’ll have to upgrade your Profit Accumulator account, and you can choose to pay monthly at £17.99, or annually at £150. If you decide that you’re not happy with the service and you haven’t make any money, you can get a full refund within 30 days. I chose the annual option, and I made that money back within less than a few weeks.

What happens when I’ve completed all the sign-up offers?

The sign-up offers will definitely keep you busy for a good while. Once you’ve completed them though, there are plenty of other ways to continue matched betting and maintain your earnings.

The bookies want to keep you coming back to their site and placing bets, so they’ll often run what are known as ‘reload offers’. You’ll learn about these once you’ve completed all your sign-up offers, but the premise is often very similar… You’ll place a bet, and the bookie will credit you with a free bet.

Do I need to have a good knowledge of sports?

No. I’ve got no interest at all in sports, and I had pretty much zero knowledge when I started matched betting. It’s not about knowing the intricacies of the games that you’re betting on… It’s about knowing the calculations that you need to do so you can create a profit from a particular match, regardless of what the outcome is.

What if I’ve never placed a bet before?

Aside from an annual flutter on the Grand National, I’d never betted before I started matched betting, and that didn’t put me at a big disadvantage. As long as you know how to use the internet, you quickly pick up everything you need to know.

Will I need a separate bank account?

You don’t NEED one, but it makes things so much easier when it comes to staying organised and keeping track of your profits.

I’d definitely recommend opening an account that you’ll use solely for matched betting. I simply applied for a new account online with a high street bank, and I received my debit card in the post about four days later.

What if I already have accounts with all the online bookmakers?

You almost definitely don’t! There are dozens and dozens of online bookies out there that you’ve probably never even heard of, so even if you’ve signed up with a few of the big names in the past, there’s still plenty of other offers that you’ll be able to do.

Do I have to pay tax on my matched betting earnings?

No, which is yet another reason why I love matched betting! Bookmaker and casino winnings are not taxable here in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about coughing up a chunk of your earnings to the tax man. All of your profits are yours to keep.

How do I get started?

You can get started with matched betting today by signing up for a free trial at Profit Accumulator. You’ll watch the beginner-friendly tutorial videos, then follow the step-by-step guide to complete your first two offers. You’ll make up to £45, and that’s a great way to put some cash in your pocket and decide whether you want to continue with your matched betting journey.

Next steps…

Matched betting is one of those things that seems like it could be a minefield when you’re first dipping your toes in the waters, but the reality is that it’s simple, straightforward, and a serious earning opportunity for anyone who’s looking to bring in some extra cash each month.

Have you got any extra questions? Pop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.

16 FAQS About Matched Betting





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